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1050C Substrate Heater Flange

10500C Substrate Heater Flange

  • This is a flange mounted sample heating assembly for PLD where heating of sample is desired in non oxidizing atmospheres.
  • Components
  • Substrate heater: This is a circular radiatively heated flat plate (Molybdenum or Inconel or Graphite) heated by a Molybdenum or Tungsten heater. This can heat the substrate to 1050C. This heater has a radiation shield which prevents heat loss sideways and helps increase the uniformity of the heated surface. Samples are mounted with clips (inconel) on these. K type thermocouple is placed behind the heater element at the same distance as that of the sample plate for consistent measurement of the sample temperature. The power to the heater is fed through water cooled copper electrodes.
  • Shutter: A magnetically coupled feed through operates this manual shutter. This shutter is used to prevent deposition on the substrate during pre-ablation of the target.
  • Distance of sample plate from vacuum side of the flange will be made as per customer requirements.