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Substrate Heater Flange

Substrate Heater Flange

  • This is a flange mounted sample heating assembly for PLD where heating of sample is desired.
  • Components
  • This is a circular flat plate resistive heater which can heat the substrate to temperatures close to 830C.
  • This heater has a radiation shield which prevents heat loss sideways and helps increase the uniformity of the heated surface.
  • Samples are usually glued with high temperature silver paste on these heaters.
  • There is also provision for holding the samples using clips.
  • K type thermocouple is embedded in the heater for consistent measurement of the heater temperature.
  • The thermocouple wires and heater power wires exit from the back of the heater.
  • X, Y, Z assembly: the heater is mounted on this assembly and manually one can position the heater before loading the heater flange on to the chamber.
  • A big knurled nut at the back of the heater allows one to move the heater in X and Y.
  • 4nos knurled screws on the sliding sleeves allows for the Z adjustment of the heater.
  • Shutter: A magnetically coupled feed through operates this manual shutter.
  • This shutter is used to prevent deposition on the substrate during pre-ablation of the target.
  • Electrical feed through: This is a metal to ceramic feed through for connecting the thermocouple and heater wires.
  • Rotating feed through: This is a magnetically coupled feed through and allows rotation from atmospheric side to transmit to vacuum side.
  • Flexure couplings: These are flexible coupling with 2 end fitting welded to a small length of a bellow.
  • These allow axial mismatch to be taken care of with minimum backlash.
  • These are connected to the shafts using set screws (grub screws) positioned at 90 degrees.