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Lens Holder

Lens Holder

  • This is a flange mounted lens holder assembly for PLD.
  • Components
  • Lens: 2" dia (or 50mm) S1 UV grade plano- convex lens with a focal length of 300mm is used to focus (image) the beam on to the target to get the required energy density.
  • X, Y, Z assembly: The lens can be moved in X & Y and Z directions by the knobs provided.
  • Flange: this flange mates to the laser port of the chamber and also allows positioning of a S1 UV Grade fused silica window (2" or 50mm dia).
  • This allows the lens holder to be attached to the chamber thus freeing up space on the table.
  • Fused silica disc: 2" dia (50mm) S1 UV grade fused silica window for allowing UV laser beam to pass into the vacuum side of the chamber.
  • This disc is O ring sealed on the mounting flange.