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Sputter Source

Sputter Source

  • Our sputter sources are designed for use with 1" dia or 2" dia targets (thin foils to �" thick targets). Quick change of magnets, clamping ring and the ground shield prepares these sources for 1" dia targets.
  • This is very useful for targets which are very expensive as a 2" dia target may be beyond the budget of the customer.
  • The change from 2" to 1" takes not more than 10 minutes.
  • The magnet housing is designed to prevent the magnets from getting heated which allows high power use and also easy replacement of magnets.
  • The magnets used are high power NdB Fe magnets.
  • The source is fitted on a flange using an O ring feed through which allows the distance of target from substrate to be adjusted.
  • There is a shutter mounted on the flange to make the source and shutter a single unit.
  • The shutter rod can be adjusted for length.
  • The metallic housing at the back has water connection (typically for 6mm OD plastic pipes) and an N (female) connector.
  • A locking nut prevents the source from being pulled in by vacuum.
  • An adjustable ground shield and a locking ring nut allow mounting of different thickness of targets.
  • Removable chimneys also can be provided for confining the sputtered material.
  • Gas inlet right at the target surface can be provided through this chimney. This means this chimney also can work like a gas ring.
  • The max length of the target from the vacuum side of the flange face can be as per customer requirements.